Warmly congratulate the official website of Aochang Misawa!


Warmly congratulate the official website of Aochang Misawa!

Founded in 2009, Wenzhou Aochang Misawa Medical Tech. Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer specialized in the medical equipment and medical steel needles. Now the headquarters is located at Konggang new district, Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, with building area 4200㎡ including 1200㎡ clean room and 80 staff. The main products are complete sets of medical steel needle production equipment, medical stainless steel needle tube, disposable injection needle, disposable dental flushing needle, disposable micro needle, microplastic injection needle, micro plastic filling needle, microplastic aspirating acupuncture needles, special infusion needles, etc. It passed the ISO9001, ISO13485, FDA; 10-year accumulation and precipitation, 10-year improvement and perfection, 10-year innovation and advancement, Aochang has obtained more than 20 utility models and invention patents. Products are exported to Asia, Europe, America, and other countries.

In 2013, the company ushered in a major development. The company has technical cooperation with Japan MISAWA Medical Industry Co., Ltd. It uses advanced production technology and testing methods to organize production, and develops new equipment and stainless steel puncture needles, which greatly improves product quality and is highly praised by customers at home and abroad.



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